Care to change the conversation?

Join a social experiment where conversation matters – not just the what, but the how. Participate in a live debate and learn more about yourself and your world.

As a thank you for participating, you will earn a $25 gift card.

Turn conflict into conversation.

Does it feel like you can’t have a conversation without it turning into an argument? Worse yet, have respectful and effective conversation skills gone the way of the rotary phone – nearly extinct?

Be part of a social experiment that could lead to a civil discourse revolution.


We built a tool to facilitate productive conversations. We’ve run multiple tests internally and it’s time to test it in the wild. Will you join us?

During 15-minute discussions, two chosen debaters* will take a stance on opposite sides of a controversial topic, while simultaneously receiving feedback from audience members.

Interested debaters will be paired based on their passions and perspectives.

This event requires engagement from the debaters and the audience. All participants will be asked to fill out a survey before the event, immediately following the event, and a week later.  Don’t worry, they’re short surveys. The whole process is designed to be engaging and fun. The total time commitment is about 60 minutes.


I think the Collective Reflection debates were really fun and are greatly beneficial. By practicing these conversations, I feel as if the skills learned could be adapted to other areas of life.”

— Teah

“There is a real need for Collective Reflection, especially in a post-pandemic world. People have lost social skills. The debates come in to bring some clarity to our sometimes muddy and emotional reactions.”

— Krysten

“I think Collective Reflection debates are a great idea to encourage healthy conversation.”

— Nicole


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As a thank you for time and a willingness to participate, you will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. The gift card will be sent electronically to the email provided at event sign up, upon completion of the post-event survey.

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Event Schedule

No debate events are scheduled at this time. Be sure to check back regularly, as event dates are added. Help us spread the word! All are welcome to attend.