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Change the Conversation?

Constructive debate and discussion can lead to creativity, growth and mutual understanding. Be part of the movement that leads to positive social change.

Collective Reflection has brought together those of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs who want to have hard conversations. We believe there’s power in persuasive conversation and we have the guidance and tools to show it!

Turning Conflict

Into constructive Conversation.

There’s impact in discussion. That’s why we’ve developed a tool to help you lead constructive arguments through understanding and connection.

Guide those hard conversations with coworkers, friends and family and join others who want to expand their perspectives through engaging debates.

Let us bring our live social discourse experience to your organization, workplace, or group!

be part of

the movement.

We built a tool to facilitate productive conversations. We need YOU to lead this process.

How it works:

1. The experience starts with two debaters who have been paired based on their passions and perspectives.

2. Two debaters will discuss a controversial topic while simultaneously receiving feedback on their behavior from a group of audience members.

3. Debaters have the opportunity to shift their behavior in real-time to avoid being disqualified from the conversation.

This experience creates a real-time feedback loop between the audience and the debaters that results in civil discourse and constructive conversation.

Participants walk away with a better understanding of how they communicate and how others perceive them.

We’re working with groups, large and small, who want to gain insights into their own deeper understandings, improve communication and increase respectful discourse with those of all backgrounds. All while being engaged and having fun! If you’re interested in bringing this tool in to your organization or group, fill out the form below.

The total time commitment can be as little as 30 minutes.

Past Debate


I think the Collective Reflection debates were really fun and are greatly beneficial. By practicing these conversations, I feel as if the skills learned could be adapted to other areas of life.”

— Teah

“There is a real need for Collective Reflection, especially in a post-pandemic world. People have lost social skills. The debates come in to bring some clarity to our sometimes muddy and emotional reactions.”

— Krysten

“I think Collective Reflection debates are a great idea to encourage healthy conversation.”

— Nicole

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The Conversation.

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We’re in beta mode and need testers like you. As a thank you for time, your group will receive a gift for participating.

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